Mango Vietnam - Soft Dried Mango
Mango Vietnam - Soft Dried Mango
Mango Vietnam - Soft Dried Mango
Mango Vietnam - Soft Dried Mango

Mango Vietnam - Soft Dried Mango

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Soft dried mango is made of fresh mangoes in Vietnam. To bring the best soft dried mango, we use Keo mango specicies for its delicious, attractive smell and taste.

Our product has been researched and developed by scientists so that it can meet export requirements and consumers’ need.

Package: 2.5kg/PE bag, 5kg/PE bag, 10kg/carton

Shelf Life: 12 months

No additives or preservatives added.

Soft dried mango is one of our best-sellers up until now. Mango is one of the most delicious tropical fruits and its dried slices are the best choice for the country which cannot grow this fruit. This healthy treat is chewy, tasty and naturally sweet with a little bit of sugar.

Health Benefits of Mango

This fruit is low in calories but packed with valuable nutrients. In fact, it has lots of fiber, vitamin C and polyphenols – antioxidant compounds. The dietary fiber amount in mango can support our digest system and prevent constipation. Moreover, this fruit helps boost our immune system thanks to the vitamin C richness in it. Its polyphenols are valuable because they protect our cells against free radical damage.

Our Soft Dried Mango

Our product is made from carefully selected Keo mangoes, with suitable ripeness and flavor. so the dried slices are just delish. The dried mango is added with a little of sugar for preservation and taste modification. If you concern about sugar, try our sugar-free dried mango.

Under our new technology drying – infrared drying, this product is researched and processed carefully. So the final products are still fresh and retain their nutrients. It’s a healthy snack for our diet.

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